• 01. Kind of A Normal Story - Vocal3:06
  • 02. Bring My Ball - Vocal2:25
  • 03. Let_s Be Friends - Vocal4:03
  • 04. When You Make A Promise - Vocal3:44
  • 05. Bug Buffet - Vocal3:09
  • 06. I Love Baseball - Vocal1:45
  • 07. A Base Hit - Vocal3:14
  • 08. A Base Hit Reprise - Vocal0:37
  • 09. Slumber Party - Vocal4:25
  • 10. Finale - Arlyn & Bellamy - Vocal1:30

In this fresh take on the classic fairy tale of “The Frog Prince”, the “princess” is Arlyn, a baseball-playing kid from a small town west of Kalamazoo. When Arlyn loses her baseball in a murky pond, she grudgingly agrees to be friends with Bellamy, the frog who fishes it out for her. As soon as Arlyn gets her ball back, she runs away laughing, never intending to keep any of her promises.  Later that night, Bellamy appears unexpectedly to join Arlyn’s family for dinner at a Pizzeria, requesting a pizza with bugs on it!  To Arlyn’s horror, her parents insist on treating their weird guest with gracious hospitality.  Next, Bellamy shows up at Arlyn’s baseball game ready to join the team, but with absolutely no clue how to play what she calls, “babesall”.  The entire team wishes this goofy frog would just go away, but to their astonished delight, Bellamy gets a base hit.  Arlyn begins to realize that she might actually enjoy being friends with this strange, sweet frog.  When Bellamy arrives for a slumber party with Arlyn and they have an awesome time, the kid and the frog finally, really do become best friends! Usually in this story it's the frog who changes, but in the Opening Act version, the world does.

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jonathan Talmadge

Arlyn & Bellamy

a musical play 

book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Elementary 

Characters:  24+, gender neutral

Run Time:  40 min.

Set:  Front yard, pizzeria, baseball field, home

Production Package: $200

Performance Fee: $50