show logo.

Each show comes with its own professionally designed logo that you can use to make your advertising, programs, and t-shirts look great!

Great stories.

Our plays are inspired by folk tales that have been passed on from generation to generation -  or taken straight from history. The scripts are chock full of fun stuff for your actors to do with plot lines that are relatable and age-appropriate. They are stories designed to teach us something:  be kind, listen to one another, work hard, keep your promises, make friends, think for yourself, be brave, help others, tell good stories. 

video recording rights.

You have rights to record the show, sell DVDs to raise money, or even post your production on social media. Just be sure to share our website when you do.

complete production package 

singable tunes.

Our original songs will have you singing along in no time! They are perfectly keyed for young voices - with varied musical styles to keep your interest. From touching ballads to big dance numbers, our musicals have it all!

you can produce an opening act musical

actor's book.

You get a pdf of the script with the rights to print as many copies as you need to make your show a success.( At Opening Act, we like to print two copies for each performer, one for rehearsal and one for home.) The actor's book comes complete with hints and tricks to help young performers know how to do their jobs like professionals; the introduction is a mini-textbook, designed to help young actors who are new to the theatre get aquainted with the basics right away.

The actor's book also contains the libretto for convenient, seamless rehearsals - no more switching from book to book in the middle of rehearsal or wondering which lyric is the right lyric. The music is also marked with a time stamp from the mp3 music files, making it easy to find the spot you want in the music mid-rehearsal. 

We've put together a production package that includes everything you need for a successful performance at one affordable price.

What comes with the production  package?

We've spent years writing, producing, rewriting, and perfecting these brand new children's musicals.

Now we can begin to offer our fresh, inviting scripts and songs to you! 

What do you get with an Opening Act musical?

director's book.

The director's book has everything the actor's book does, plus ideas for staging a successful production and extra space to write your own blocking and choreography .  The director's book has textbook-style instructions for new directors as well as tips for making your specific production look great. You get the benefit of our experience putting on these plays and the flexibility to make the production work for you.  

flexible casting.

Most of the roles in our scripts can be played by girls or boys. Roles can also be combined or divided to suit the size of your cast. Everyone can be included and have lots of opportunities to grow. 

fun characters.

Each script has lots of characters with lots to do. You'll find a solid story arc with opportunities for character development to offer your young actors a challenge. Each play has several featured parts, so every actor gets a moment to shine. Everyone works together to tell the story.

rich dialogue.

These plays aren't just fun for the actors to do, they're fun for the audience to watch! The actors get rich, meaty dialogue ripe with humor that they can sink their teeth into. The audience gets to enjoy a good story with lots of laughs and characters they care about. 

all the recorded music you need.

We'll send you mp3s of the orchestrated performance tracks, including every sound cue required for the show. You'll also receive rehearsal tracks with guide vocals that exactly match your libretto for easy practicing and rehearsal. 

Two original musicals are now available for licensing:  A Little Bit of Kindness and Arlyn & Bellamy

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